About Burfoot House


Burfoot House;The Burfoot House is a transitional home and comprehensive program designed for homeless single women to achieve self-sufficiency. The program provides an intermediate step between emergency shelter and supportive housing, with limits on the length of stay. The program is designed to offer a safe, supportive environment to overcome trauma, begin to address issues that led to homelessness, and begin to rebuild a support network. On-site classes and mentorship focuses on employment, improved self worth, savings, and permanent housing.
The home has 5 large bedrooms that accommodate 10 women. The dorm-style home has 2 shared bathrooms, a common kitchen, living room, and multi-purpose dining/learning center. The home has video-monitored security and a volunteer house manager on duty 24 hours a day.  



Burfoot House;

Objectives include:

- Acclimate the client to a stable, safe environment

- Establish short-term weekly plan

- Variable length program for making progress towards goals/self-

- Promote development of interpersonal and decision-making skills

- Teach and foster the development of appropriate social skills and

- Provide basic mentoring and case management plan

- Target specific employment, savings, and housing goals




Burfoot House;Who is eligible to reside at the Burfoot House? 
Single women:

- sleeping in places not meant for habitation;

- living in emergency housing for homeless persons;

- evicted with no residence and lacking resources to
  obtain a home.

Who is ineligible to reside at the Burfoot House?

- with felony convictions; with child-related restrictions;

- with active domestic violence cases;

- with pending warrants;

- actively using alcohol or illegal drugs;

- with history of violent, explosive or destructive 



Referrals to the Burfoot House:

1. Please call the Regional Housing Crisis Hotline at 757-587-4202 Monday thru Friday 8 am - 7 pm. This is the starting point for anyone experiencing a housing crisis throughout Greater Hampton Roads and in need of shelter, case management, and related services and/or community resources.

2. Referrals to the Burfoot House are made by the Regional Housing Crisis Hotline personnel after a phone screen.
3. Burfoot House Director follows up the referral by calling the applicant to review the intake information and share additional information about our program.  

4. Applicant is referred to Chesapeake Integrated Behavioral Health for a mental health screen.

5. Applicant is screened on a national database.

6. Applicant is referred to Chesapeake Regional Hospital Transitional Care Program and certified by a practicing physician as: free from communicable disease and does not have any disability that prevents her from obtaining gainful employment. A negative result on a TB test is required.

7. And finally, a face to face interview is scheduled at the Burfoot House typically on a Thursday. Admissions are usually scheduled on Friday afternoons.